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The Teaching hospital inherited the OLD physical assets of the former State Hospital, Sagamu, Ogun State Nigeria as its take off base in 1985. However by virtue of its role and scope, it became imperative to provide more land space, hence the acquisition of additional land which is now the subject for the OOUTH site extension in order to meet its challenges.


About 2km from the dual carriage way and towards the western part of Sagamu.


Regional settings that places site at Sagamu town, which lies at the confluence of cross-country routes, Lagos/Ibadan/Benin Expressway makes it server as a gate-link between Eastern and Northern parts of the country.


407.8 Hectares of landscape. Survey Plan No. SA72(OG) of 15th No. 1988. Bounded on the East by un tarred road, separating it  from Ikenne Rubber Plantation; West by developed suburb and vacant land, North by developed private properties, South by P.H.C.N. Plc transmission line and vacant land.


  1. The Inherited Core Area and Faculty of Pharmacy

  2. 16.83 hectares, it will accommodate the proposed multipurpose building with ancillary facilities.
  3. The College of Medicine and its Components
    Its Component land area 25.0  Hectares. The core activity are of the College is mainly academic and administration. The space allocation for the core activities are:-

    Administrative Block 0.5 hectares
    Academic Staff Office Building 0.5hectares
    Lecture Theatre (3Nos) 1.5hectares
    Central Research Laboratory 0.5hectares
    1. The Teaching Hospital: Land area 165.56H.
      The main activities are where medical services are provided as tertiary health care center and the academic and administrative areas as tertiary training instruction for resident doctors.

    2. Medical Services comprise the following:-

    3. Structure Land space Allocation (Hectare/s)
      General Outpatient Clinic 1.0
      Accident and Emergency Building 2.0
      Wards 7.5
      Laboratory building 1.0
      10 Suites Operating Theatre 1.0
      Radiology Building 1.5
      Medical Records and outlets in Clinic and wards 1.0
      Pharmacy Building and outlets 1.0
      Call duty building 1.0
      Mortuary 0.5
      Sterilizing unit area 1.0
      Consultants clinic 1.0
      Family health clinic 1.0
      General stores 1.0
      Blood bank 0.7
      Total 22.2

    4. Academic Area: Comprises the various schools that are hospital based and ancillary buildings that compliment them, these are:

      Academic Area Land space Allocation (Hectare/s)
      School of Radiology 1.0
      School of Laboratory Technology 1.0
      School of Medical Records 1.0
      Conference Centre/Lecture Hall (4nos) 2.0
      ICT and AudioVisual Centre 1.0
      Medical Laboratory 0.5
      Bookshop 0.5
      Post-graduate Institute of Health Research (PGHRI) 2.02
      Total 10.52

    5. Administration: Expected to house the consultants' offices, general administrative staff offices, Land use Area 1.0 hectare

    6. Housing Support Infrasctures and Services - 29.5 hectares
      1. Residential

        Residential Area Land Space Allocation (Hectare/s)
        Consulting lounge 10.5
        Senior Staff Quarters 9.0
        Junior Staff Quarters 5.0
        Guest House 3.0
        Students Hostel 9.8
        Patients' relations Building 0.5
        House Officers Hall of Residence 1.2
        Total 29.5

      2. Utilities and Recreation: Mainly communal activities

    Utility Type and Recreation Land Space Allocation (Hectare/s)
    Catering/Cafeteria 0.7481
    Places of Worship 1,6688
    Engineering and works yard 2,1806
    General Stores and Central stores 0.6525
    Laundry and tailoring services 0.8668
    Water Treatment Plant and Reservoir 1,1032
    Waste Disposal Site/Sewage Plant 1,4353
    Fire Service Station with underground water tank of 50,000 litres 0.5056
    Garden/Parking Area 8,6257
    Sports Centre/Recreation Area 2,7060
    Staff School 2,9743
    Association Buildings 1,7336
    Total 26,5537

    1. Traffic and Transportation System
      1. Distribution Road
      2. Local Roads
      3. Walkways
      4. Heliport is recommended to facilitate global accessibility
      5. Road network that will separate activity areas with the site and provide safety and comfort.
      6. Design standards for each category roads classification
      7. Traffic Management Devices/Techniques
      8. Good and adequate parking  spaces with emphasis on off-street parking.
    2. Others are: Public Toilets (10 lavatories per unit)
      1. Commercial facilities
      2. Shopping Areas  -  2.11 hectares
      3. Petrol Station     -  0.41 hectares
      4. Landscaping of open spaces
      5. Security services
      6. Provision of 2.5MVA 33/33K Electrical substation
      7. Construction and Maintenance for the public drainage channels.

    Please note that the above listed are provided as a guide from which you have liberty to choose.

    The study of the hospital patronage confirmed that the hospital will continue to be relevant in the provision of Orthopedic and Trauma treatment for casualties of major accidents. Thus the need expand the Teaching Hospital as Centre of Excellence in health care delivery therefore, requires collaborative effort of government, non-governmental organizations, international health related agencies, corporate bodies, relevant foundations and public spirited individuals.

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Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank, Sagamu
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