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Prof. A. A. O. Laditan
C. M. D. 1985 - 1987

Prof. K. A. Alausa
C. M. D. 1990 - 1992

Dr. F. A. Oluwole
C. M. D. 1998 - 2006

Prof. A. M. O. Shonubi
C. M. D. 2006 - 2012

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Seventh February 2018 heralded a change in the leadership of the great hospital, the day I assumed duty as the Acting Chief Medical Director (CMD). Hitherto I had served at various times as Acting Chairman Medical Advisory Committee (CMAC) and later became the substantive CMAC on the 6th of June,2016, the position I held until my appointment as the Acting CMD. My substantive position as the CMD was approved Executive State of the State on the 1st of August, 2018.
My acting and substantive positions as the CMAC and CMD provided me a good tutelage on the affairs and administration of the hospital. I salute the past administrators of the hospital, in particular the immediate past administrator in person of Professor A.E.A. Jaiyesimi under whom I had my direct tutelage. All of them had been reservoirs of experience and knowledge and had proven that indeed ‘white pap can actually come out of a black pot’
The hospital has had its high and low times, starting from its humble beginning in 1986, went to achieving accreditations in few of its programs for training of medical students to a period of full accreditation in all its programs and be adjudged the best medical school in Nigeria in the year 2000 by the Nigeria University Commission. From this height was her attainment of accreditations in major departments of Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Anaesthesia, Ophthalmology and Family Medicine by either, or both, colleges of National and West Africa Postgraduate Medical College for training of specialists in these various fields of medicine. These programs to date had turned out scores of consultants serving within and outside the country.
In the last half decade the hospital witnessed a bit of low times that is not out of its faults but occasioned by the global socio-economic downturn that has not excluded Nigeria as a nation and Ogun State as one of its federating units. Arising from this socio-economic depression are challenges in sustaining standards, especially in the areas of staffing and equipment resulting in a few departments losing accreditations for training in programs that were hitherto fully accredited.
In the face of these daunting challenges I, therefore, see my appointment as the CMD as a call to higher service, a call to reverse the declining trends and work towards sustaining the vision of the hospital; rendering high quality healthcare services to Ogun State citizens in particular and Nigerians in general.
Reversing the declining trends in the face of current socio-economic challenge facing the country, State and, by implication, the hospital would involve amongst other things tapping from reservoir of experience from the leaders before me and thinking out of the box in bringing about improvement in both capital and recurrent expenditures financing. A little more internally generated revenue drive that will be mindful of the patients’ ability and capability, prioritizing application of funds to areas of needs without compromising availability and standard of service deliveries and involvement of stakeholders in capital and recurrent expenditures financing. I also wish to be engaged in robust revenue generation drive from outside the hospital by attracting corporate and social funding from investors around the city of Sagamu, Ogun State and other neighbouring States bearing in mind the socio-political compass of the political leadership of the State.
My ultimate aims are to bring about:

  • Addition to existing infrastructures that will put the hospital on a pedestal comparable to other centres of reference in medical practice in the country.
  • Acquisition of equipment and facilities that will enhance our service delivery comparable to other best practices all over the world.
  • To ensure patients centered and patients friendly service delivery in terms of planned appointments and reduced waiting time. By this, our ultimate desire is making every out-patient department a "One-stop" care point.
  • Attainment of clean hospital environment that gives confidence to patients and their relations alike.
  • To make the hospital a Positive Practice Environment where patients will receive the best of care possible and the staff attain their utmost career potentials.
  • A promise to journey in synergy with the University for purposes of reciprocal benefits and offering the best platform for clinical trainings of graduate and postgraduate students.
  • A robust engagement and partnership with government and other arms of government agencies towards making the hospital centre of excellence in teaching, training, research and health service delivery

I, therefore, extend my hands of fellowship and clarion call to all stakeholders within and outside the hospital towards realization of these objectives of mine.



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Prof. O. O. Ajayi
C.M.D. 1987 - 1990
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C. M. D. 2014 - 2018

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