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Brief history of Department with recent achievement

Health information management services are provided by registered health information officers and registered health information technicians. Health information management professionals oversee health records system and manage health related information to ensure that it meets relevant medical, administrative and legal requirements. In a nutshell, health Information professionals act as data brokers in OOUTH, Sagamu.

So far, the department has been able to acquire series of achievements but the frontline of it all is computerization of  Health Information Management, which is designed primarily to support users by providing accessibility to complete  and accurate data, alerts, reminder, clinical decision support systems, links to medical knowledge, encoder and other aids. 

Names of Staff indicating their Designation


1. Mrs Omotayo R.A

Head, Health Information Management.

2. Mr Egbetokun S.

Asst Chief Medical Records Officer

3. Mr Ikudaisi D.A

Asst Chief Medical Records Officer

4. Mr Ogunlaru O.F

Principal Medical Records Officer 1

5. Mrs Onipede E.B

Principal Medical Records Officer 1

6. Mr Akinniranye A.A

Chief Medical Records Technician

7. Mrs Akinlabi R.B

Asst Chief Medical Records Technician

8. Mrs Ayeni B.A

Principal Medical Records Technician

9.   Mrs Adebayo F.D

Medical Records Technician

10. Mrs Aileru P.O

Medical Records Technician

11. Mrs Ogunlesi A.O

Medical Records Technician

12.Miss Soyebo T.O

Medical Records Technician

13.Miss Aleilo O.I

Medical Records Technician

14. Mrs Jesunowo A.A

Medical Records Technician

15. Miss Owolabi O.O

Medical Records Technician

16. Miss Ogunjobi T.A

Medical Records Technician

17. Mrs Omotosho E.M

Chie Medical Records Asst

18. Mrs Fehintola E.A

Chief Medical Records Asst

19. Mrs Ogundiya K.

Chief Medical Records Asst

20.  Mr Ofotokun M.I

Asst. Chief Medical Records Asst

21. Mrs Jaiyeola Thomas S.O

Chief Medical Records Clerk

22.  Mrs Erinle H.O

Chief Medical Records Clerk

23. Mrs Olaleye M.F

Chief Medical Records clerk

24. Mrs Lasisi E.I

Chief Medical Records clerk

25. Mr Adeyemi S.A

Chief Medical Records Clerk

26. Mrs Odukoya S.T

Chief Medical Records Clerk

27. Miss Sufi B.O

Chief medical Records Clerk

28. Mr Otutu A.O

Chief  Medical Records Clerk

29. Mr Ogunfuwa O.O

Medical Records clerk

30. Mr Yisau A.A

Head, Medical Records Attendant

31. Miss Tijani J.A

Hospital Attendant

32. Mrs Yekini Serifat

Hospital Attendant























Other relevant information to showcase the activities of the department and hospital.

The department rendered medical records services at the following out-patient units of the hospital.                                                                                            
1.         General Out-Patient Clinics Department                               
2.         Consultant Out-Patient Clinics such as:                                
            *          Autho/Trauma                                                            
            *          Antenatal Clinic                                                         
            *          Gynaecology Clinic                                                   
            *          Medical Consultant Clinic                                         
            *          Surgical Consultant Clinic                                         
            *          Paediatrics Consultant Clinic                                     
            *          CMPC Clinic                                                             
            *          Child Survival Clinic                                                 
            *          ENT                                                                           
            *          Virology                                                                     
            *          PNS                                                    
3.         Accident & Emergency Department      
4.         Staff/NHIS Clinic

At the various out-patient units mentioned above the foregoing medical records services were rendered during the year:

  • Electronic Registration and documentation of new patients
  • Documentation of their subsequent visits
  • Electronic Booking of appointment of patients attending consultant clinics
  • Prior preparation of patient medical records before appointment day
  • Retrieval, filing and storage of patients Health Records for treatment, research, teaching and planning
  • Extraction, compilation, collation and presentation of daily statistics in all clinics
  • Requisition and collection of medical forms for the documentation of patients’ treatment.
  • Providing accessibility to complete and accurate data, SMS alerts, reminders and other aids.
  • Assigning diagnostic codes to diseases by the use of encoder.
  • Electronic reminder of patients’ appointment.


In-patient services were rendered to all patients admitted, discharged and deaths by the department. 

  • STATISTICS UNIT:  This unit, which was manned by an Asst Medical Records   Officer with the assistance of a Medical Records Technician. These staffs are responsible for collecting, compiling, collating, analyzing and presenting, adhoc, monthly, periodic and annual statistical returns of the activities of the hospital.  In addition to this, the unit also attended to request from other health facilities, SMOH (e.g. FMOH), on matters such as monthly disease surveillance and immediate notification of certain diseases, to mention few. With the integration of computer information system, many of these types of statistics are generated authomatically.
  •  ADMISSION AND DISCHARGES UNIT: Inpatient census data collection.  Electronic and manual documentation of all admissions, transfer, discharges and deaths and proper maintenance of appropriate registers for the storage of in-patient information were ensured. This unit ensure effective quantitative  records analysis is refers to a review of the Health Records. The content of the health records complete with appropriate documentation that complies with accreditation and practice requirements.


  • CODING AND INDEXING UNIT:  Clinical coding is another important function of HIM department. Code numbers are assigned appropriately using a classification system to patient diagnosis, procedures and service code. This is normally carried out in a retrospective process; the health record is coded after patient discharge. The use of information technology such as encoder is also used to guide the coder to determine the appropriate diagnosis. The diagnosis coding are used for the purpose of research, claims submission and quality of care study. Encoder has increased coding quality.


  • MEDICAL RECORDS LIBRARY SERVICES:  Health Information Department is the custodian of patient health information. Two system are used for storing health records, we have the paper storage system such as filing shelves which is the manual and the electronic format method. The following functions were discharged during the year:
  • Storage, retrieval and filing of patients medical records and other medical documents
  • Maintenance of archives containing in-active medical records
  • Maintenance of efficient tracer system of all medical records in circulation
  • Weeding and shift back of inactive Health Records to archives.
  • Printing, storage and supplies of medical forms
  • Proper storage of used registers and documents.

3.     FORMS CONTROL UNIT: Form design and management is another critical HIM function. Good forms are developed whether in paper or electronic format which is an important part of high quality health records content. This section track and manage forms, establishment of forms standard, implementation of forms numbering and tracking system.

Weekly Activities





Electronic registration of new patients

Operate 24hrs


Retrieval of patients Health Records for  consultation



Documentation of the patient visit



Electronic booking of Patients appointment



Extraction of diagnosis and compilation of daily statistics



Coding of outpatients diagnosis with the use of an encoder



Filing and proper storage of Patients Health Records.



Prior preparation of Patients Health Records for next day appointment



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